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Which Skill Are Required For You To Be A Perfect SEO Candidate?


What is SEO All About?

The SEO professional must rank a site specializing in a given niche by pushing aside all other sites that have ranked earlier after putting in genuinely hard work. These sites are still working, trying to maintain their rank and climb further up if possible.

For the client’s site to rank, the expert must pay attention to myriad details like on-site optimization including site code, off-site linking, social media exposure, social bookmarking, superior content, regular updates to the content, inspection of possible broken links, placement of images and videos and their optimization, proper placement of advertisements, if any, and compliance, at all times, with SEO best practices.

All SEO specialists must constantly keep abreast of the latest trends in marketing

– online and offline, the economy in general, buying trends and search patterns, and the latest algorithms and policy updates of the major search engines.

There is also the matter of learning about a particular niche the client site is dealing with and the strong points of its closest competitors. And then there are the SEO trends for mobile devices which is a distinct subject altogether.

Did we leave something out? You bet we did. SEO as a subject is too vast and too alive to describe in all its aspects in one small paragraph. We simply listed what generally comes to mind when thinking of getting a site to rank.

The Most Relevant Skill Set for the Perfect SEO Professional

If you wish to be an SEO consultant, you cannot possibly excel in every aspect of the subject. In any case, true experts are always in demand as opposed to generalists who can do just about everything passably without really excelling in anything. However, even as an expert, there are certain areas which you must be totally comfortable with, and certain qualities that you must possess to become the person your clients can count on.

1. A Versatile mind

You can actually acquire this quality. Versatility, among other things, denotes an ability to think clearly along several different lines of thought and an ability to assimilate diverse categories of knowledge and implement them where necessary. If you can school yourself to be analytical and persistent, you can probably teach yourself a lot more than if you take things at their face value and simply memorize what you can.

The perfect SEO professional’s work lies more in interpreting data than in simply knowing them.Intuition and sixth sense are not supernatural attributes. When you train yourself constantly to interpret data, anticipate trends (think stock market experts) and find novel ways of putting information to use, you take very little time to inspect something and arrive at a conclusion by logically analyzing and interpreting its possibilities. This happens so fast that you appear to operate by intuition from a layperson’s point of view. With the ever changing search engine algorithms and word-wide marketing trends all affecting each other, this is one quality that any SEO specialist must cultivate.

2. Knowing source code

If you don’t know what’s under the hood of a website, you cannot possibly make it work. You don’t have to be an expert web-designer, but you must train like one. Random problems appear, and your clients will look for an instant solution. Entire databases vanish in an instant, and you are the magician that must figure out how to bring them back. At least, your clients think you are. Knowing about codes – HTML, CSS and PHP in particular, and as much else as you can manage, will help immensely. In fact, there are so many little known code tweaks that can make a site load faster, be ranked by search bots better and, generally, stand out more prominently in SERP, that you don’t really become an SEO professional at all, perfect or otherwise, without knowing about codes.

3. Be social, stubborn and pliable all at once

This is probably something expected of most successful individuals. You need to have a social mindset to understand the social marketing side of SEO, you need to have a certain stubbornness to stand up to your client who will often have his band of very trustworthy and equally ignorant advisors, and you will need to know when to let go, and how much.

Optimizing a site is also about optimizing your relationship with the client and that frequently means pitching excellent ideas to people who need to be explained in plain English what such ideas mean, how profitable they are likely to be, and what happens if they are not implemented. A great personality is worth cultivating – get professional training if necessary – else, you will either end up losing briefs and getting a bad rep, or being a doormat and getting nowhere.

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