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Increase Sales Using Twitter


From the largest companies, to small time shops. Everyone is partaking in social networking and media. The reason for this is simple, they are a marketing gold mine. This article is going to discuss in specific how to use twitter to increase your companies sales, and how Raleigh Social Media Marketing can help you.

Twitter is the second largest social micro blogging/networking site in the world, only to Facebook. The biggest difference between the two, is that Twitter is very open ended. People can be mentioned in status updates, and its timelines are less invasive. This results in a lot more communication happening between users who aren’t directly networked. The type of talk can also encompasses every facet of daily life. This is where the opportunity to increase sales stems from.

Good marketing is always sought after. Hiring companies to do surveys on your customer base, while a popular method, will never give you as accurate information as listening in on a conversation that someone is having about your product or services. Twitter allows you to do this. With one quick use of their search tool, by using your company or product’s name, you can view several unfiltered honest posts about it.

Depending on the size of your product, you can also use Twitter to assess the effectiveness of advertising. It’s one thing to simply gage it by total sales, but it’s another to get feedback on the actual ads themselves. With this data, you can potentially create more customized ads, and work out an even more detailed demographic of your online target market.

The most important aspect of using Twitter to increase sales is by having a physical presence there. Twitter is different than other social media sites, because you can only obtain followers by their choosing. You can not add them. While this may sound like an obstacle, it’s actually much better for legitimate business. The amount of spam that users receive daily from fraudulent companies and scam artists has created a stigma for legitimate internet operated business. Twitter does not have to deal with much of it, and it has resulted in a community that is less hostile, and more participative by frequently interacting with company pages.

By offering even minimal customer service and updates on your products via Twitter, you can easily increase your following. This not only extends your market, but also your total internet reach. Your customers are more likely to use this for comments than anything else. This can be used to improve your product to better meet their needs. Twitter is so integrated with people’s daily lives, that you can use it to link out, and bring people to your official web pages far more frequently than just email updates.

We can not only create your Twitter page, but can run all the accounts for you. This will allow you to embrace the community, give your company a more personal feel, while resulting in a more loyal customer base.

Let Raleigh SEO kick start your Twitter campaign today.