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4 YouTube Optimization Tips to Use Today


In today’s media hungry society, it’s necessary to use a variety of methods to spread the word about businesses, services and more. YouTube is one outlet that should never be overlooked. After all, it’s now one of the most popular search engines, second only to Google. Keep reading to learn a few strategies to optimize your content on the mega video site.


Tweak the Title and Description


Both a video’s title and description are important, because they help your content rank higher in YouTube and Google. In fact, it’s now possible to find YouTube videos through a special search box located directly within Google’s search results.


Make sure that the title and description are relevant to the video’s content. If you use keywords, try to put them within the first 66 characters of the description, because anything longer than that won’t show up in Google search results. Also, be careful not to simply stuff keywords in the content in a meaningless way. Use them in a way that flows naturally, and makes sense.


Also, include a URL somewhere within the description. This will give your viewers a place to go to learn more. After all, it’s almost impossible to say everything within a short video description. The key is to stimulate a viewer’s interest and engage their curiosity, then follow up with a link to your website.


Play with Annotations


If you still have more to say outside of what’s covered in the title or description of your video, YouTube offers six annotation features you can use to explain things while the video is playing. These are especially useful for adding a call to action during particular parts of the video. You can use a speech bubble or text box to supplement something that’s being said within the dialogue, or even take the opportunity to present a secondary URL.


Urge People to Interact with Content


When people watch videos that are high-quality, innovative or memorable, they’ll be more likely to make a comment on a video’s page, and boost its number of “likes.” When you’re creating the content, think about all the videos you’ve seen over the years, and try to pinpoint the factors that made some of them so hard to forget. If people enjoy what they’re watching, you’ll find that a video nearly promotes itself.


Organize Content into Playlists


You can make your videos even easier to find by grouping them into playlists. This makes them fit well with YouTube’s search algorithm, and also increases the probability that users will stay on your page longer, instead of clicking away.


Whether you’re putting together a series of marketing videos demonstrating the services your company provides, or are working on behalf of a musician who wants to increase his or her presence on the Web, make your content easier to digest by placing videos into categories, and titling the groups in a relevant way.


Fortunately, it’s not hard to make your videos more prominent on Google’s search result pages. By following the tips above, you’ll find that you can optimize your content in just a few minutes, and give yourself an edge in the world of new media.

Michelle is an aspiring writer who currently works for a company that sells school science lab tables. When she’s not working you can find her catching up on celebrity gossip, killing brain cells watching trashy reality TV, or traveling with friends.